Why our products are the best

Welcome to FILTERS Costa del Sol. We are pleased to present you with the most up-to-date filtration media technology on the market. Our filtration water systems meet the needs of everything from small apartments to big villas and commercial spaces. FILTERS provides water treatment solutions that remove chlorine, metals, toxins, radioactive elements, pesticides, dirt, rust, and scale up to 99,99%.

With our filters your drinking water will be protected against viruses and bacteria, and your washing machine, dishwasher, and coffee machine will be free of scale. Our filters do not use electricity, nor do they waste water like traditional RO systems. In addition, our technologies provide 100% Eco-Friendly solutions. We believe we have the best possible water filter system on the market.

Healthy and safe water

The natural occurring minerals in the source water are not removed through purification processes, such as reverse osmosis

Water softening

The “quasi-softening” occurs without any other additional equipment and is due only to the unique properties of the filter material

eco friendly

The filter doesn’t use electricity, doesn’t waste water, it is eco-friendly and very easy to install, maintain and it is 100% eco-friendly

clean healty water from your own tap

There are so many advantages with having your own water filter at home that we don’t even know where to begin. But we start by mentioning the health aspects. Imagine clear, well tasting tap water WITHOUT bacteria, chalk, flourides etc etc.

The filters also prolong the life time of your home appliances, as they don’t grow scale at the same rate.

And finally there is of course the environmental aspect. We are all aware of the plastic situation in the world, and by installing our filter there is no more buying and throwing plastic bottles to waste.



drinking water FILTER





Read what our clients say about our products!

“It has made a big difference to the quality of our water. Scale on our kettle has started to reduce, great to have clean fresh water to drink.”


“Having the Ecofilter is one of the best choices I have made. It’s nice to have endless clean water to drink and I don’t miss carrying those heavy plastic bottles home from the supermarket.”


“Will recommend it! The water tastes like ‘bottled water’ and it’s so easy to get it right out of the tap, especially with 3 kids home ?. No need to carry water and drop plastic bottles. Environmental friendly!”



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